When You Gotta Go Part 2

This little girl dog as you can see,
Lifts her leg like a boy when she pees.
When stooped on the grass,
She said with much sass,
If I were taller I'd go for the tree.


Velvet Ginger said…
Well I don't blame her...that way she won't piddle on her leg!
Such a cute baby!
Anonymous said…
Aww... What a cutie pie she is!
NursePam said…
OMG! I just found your blog. I had a little Yorkie, Maggie, who also lifted her hind leg to pee. Gosh I miss her.
Hello Pam! Thank you for stopping by. I just love Yorkies. They make such great pets. I'm sorry that your Maggie is no longer with you.

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