When You Gotta Go.....

Poor Coco. She has been a little incontinent as of late. Peepee on the rug, on the kitchen floor, on the comforter, in the dog bed - it's making for a bit of clean up work. So to help save these items, Coco has being wearing doggie depends at night. And every night she pulls the ol' Houdini Strait Jacket Escape and manages to awake diaper free. She's no dummy.

I'm thinking this diaper thing is not such a bad idea. They could be useful on my long commute, especially when I get stuck in Boston traffic. They might make my khakis look funny though. I'm sure Coco would let me borrow one or two to see if it is worth while. Not sure what I would do with the tail hole however.


Mon said…
Oh no...you didn't..??
Anonymous said…
tee-hee. Coco needs suspenders.
Janet said…
Will she use wee wee pads? I have found those to be a good solution for the older dogs.

Spay incontinence can be treated with a medication that helps eliminate the problem.

If she is on any kind of steriods they cause urine leakage.

What OC? The diaper? Can you tell by the look on Coco's face she is absolutely horrified that she would have to wear such a thing?
Chewy she does! Grandma actually tried to make her some but they didn't work out so well. I think we need to re-visit that idea.
Thank you Janet. The issue with the wee wee pads is that she just seems to "leak". I don't think she even realizes it sometime. But I will definitely call the vet to see if we can get her on some medication. I appreciate your thoughts on this.
Mon said…
I think poor Coco would be mortified if she knew her photo was posted on the net for all to see...poor baby....

I really don't have any advice for you, but it looks like Janet and Chewy do...
Anonymous said…
shared the photo with muttlet. she raised an eyebrow, tucked her tail, and left the room.

i've heard there are meds that can control the leakage. check it out.

lol -- first two letters in word verification = pp
Velvet Ginger said…
Coco looks so cute with her little diaper on!
I say nah to wearing your own during a long commute, it certainly wouldn't look as cute as it does on Coco! ;)
Hey Lynt - Thank you. I'm going to call the vet to see what we can do with poor Coco.

Hope the muttlet wasn't too upset by the picture. Coco is still mad at me I think.

LOL about the verification.
Thanks Rubye Jean. I agree - I think she looks much cuter in those than I ever would!
Anonymous said…
She (Coco) does look awfully cute in her diapie.

Poor little piddlepants!

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