How About Some McCheesy With That Whine?

I am so freaking tired. My 4:00 AM rise and shine time is starting to really kick my butt. Therefore, I am absolving myself of any and all typos, grammatical errors, and profanity that may arise in this post.

The riding lawn mower has a flat tire. The grass is high. And I'm worried what folks are starting to think. All I need now is to lose a front tooth or two and start blaring the theme from Deliverance. Maybe throw an old washing machine on the front lawn.

The best neighbors in the world, McMeaty and McCheesy, came by to lend a hand. I had not taken the tire off yet because I thought I would need more tools, specifically a jack, to lift the mower high enough to remove the tire. So when I got home tonight and McMeaty told me he was successful in removing it, the first words out of my mouth were "Did you have to jack it off?" See, I told you I was tired. I quickly corrected myself and stated "Jack it up I mean, jack it up". Jack off, jack up - it's all the same when you are sleep deprived. Luckily McMeaty and McCheesy are so good natured. I didn't want them to think I was getting a little too personal there.

Oh, and case you were wondering about the nicknames - it's all perfectly innocent. But if I try to explain that now I don't think it would come out that way. Good night.


Anonymous said…
jack it to jesus!
Blondie - I assume you are refering to a hairdo (at least I hope you are).
Janet said…
I once considered naming a dog "Jack" but then when I thought about it I realized anytime the dog was jumping one might shout "jack OFF" "Jack OFF" and I quickly changed my mind.

Anonymous said…
yes m'am. i was referring to those jack it to jesus hairdos!
Hey MLC - LOL. Good thinking. You don't want to be yelling that anywhere in public. Can you just picture the faces of your neighbors if they were to hear that?
Velvet Ginger said…
Well I am glad they helped you...and I hope things go better for you.
My youngest son's name is I am partial to that name!
Thanks Rubye Jean. I may have to pay for a service to get this lawn taken care of but at least I am on my way to getting the darned mower fixed!
Cristina said…
Oooo, I never even thought of that when I had considered naming Mr. Dude, Jack. Thank god Dude was really a dude kinda dog. Whew!
weese said…
i can't wait to hear about the nicknames.
Anonymous said…
Oh! That explains the 'jack it to Jesus hair'


word verification: mocckubi
Great name for my next pet.
Velvet Ginger said…
To answer your "swimming weather" question Cj:
It's been in the low nineties all week,
but that week those pictures were taken it was high nineties and low 100's.
How do you not all melt RJ? Does it really make a difference that it is a "dry" heat. I mentioned the dry heat question to a friend of mine who had moved from Mass to AZ. He said "Yes it's a dry heat - but so is a blow torch."
Hey Chewy - The "jack it" comment sounds better if you throw in a little twang.

I agree - great pet name! I think you need a little Yorkie.
Hello Weese! Thank you for the visit.

The names are based on what they do for a living. One works for a company that makes cheese, the other for a company that sells, among other things, deli meat. They are really great people and lots of fun to be around. And they have a never ending supply of goodies as you can imagine.
Anonymous said…
... not to mention the fact that CJ LOVES LOVES LOVES cheese!!!!

remember when..... "Cheese outlet?"

(that was funny, right Ronia?)
Hey Cristina - Dude is definitley a Dude. It fits him. Handsome boy!

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