Fresh Fish

From this morning:

Some folks think these ads from Legal Sea Foods go too far. Personally, I think they're great. You know what they say, if it smells like fish...

Oh never mind.


Anonymous said…
I love those ads. Locally, there's a seafood restuarant in the same development as an aquarium (yes, landlocked cities have those too, go figure.) They ran a local campaign for the venue something along the lines of 'see fish/eat fish'... I loved that, too.
Hi Lynt - I think fun ads like this are great. I actually pay more attention to them.
Shrinky said…
Ha! I have to read this on the very day my tropical fish tank springs a leak - eeeeeek!

People who complain about something as harmless as this need to seriously get a life. You should have seen the ad campaign hubby won an award for for tampons.. (teehee)!
Velvet Ginger said…
I think it's cute!
"if it smells like a's probably a duck"???
Shrinky - Sorry to hear about the tank. Hope everything worked out ok.

I would love to hear (or read) more about the ad campaign. You have got me curious.
Hey RJ - I think that fish is cute too! I hope they don't pull those ads. I think they are pretty entertaining.
Shrinky said…
Oh Lord, it was long before I met him, but he still displays the darn thing in his office (yawn).

Did you guys ever get the Cadbury's Flake Ad's over your way? Now THAT is what I call raunchy. Hubby played a small part in those too. (Very small)

They picture a girl with, um, er.. well - guess you really need to see them (giggle)..
Anonymous said…
LOVE IT! I'd rather see an ad for Barking Crabs. Because "Everyone Should Have Crabs".
Never saw the Cadbury's Flake Ad's Shrinky. I wonder if I could find these ads on Google or Youtube? I think I would get a big kick out of them. They picture a girl with big chocolates?
LOL! Chewy that's great! I would love to see that ad campaign. Thanks for the good laugh this morning.
Anonymous said…
I bought a T-Shirt at Barking Crab. That's what it says on the back. giggle I'll post a photo.

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