Nice Glass!

My buddy Stiffy One-Two gave me this beautiful martini glass when she was up visiting a few days ago. I'm looking forward to breaking it in this weekend. Thank you Stiffy - you rock!

Stiffy brought forth a martini glass,
A great gift that no one could surpass.
CJ filled it with gin,
And fell down on her chin,
At least this time it wasn't her ass.


Anonymous said…
Funny limerick. I'm attending a "Ladies Only" get together tonight. I hope there are martinis!
Thanks Chewy.

Have a great time tonight. Have a martini for me!
Janet said…

- enjoy your martinis.

Thanks Janet! I will and I'll try to spill a drop.
Cristina said…
When am I bartending for you?
Velvet Ginger said…
lol@your poem.
Cool glass!

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