Happy Holiday!

Oh come on, you didn't know it was Bunker Hill Day? Today commemorates the 1775 battle with the British known as The Battle of Bunker Hill. It also means that schools, libraries, and city, county, and state offices in Suffolk County are closed today. And it means that I get the day off!

I plan on celebrating by dressing up the dogs in Revolutionary War garb and having them re-enact the battle on the front lawn. Should be fun.

Ok, so I know this post is going nowhere. I've picked up some sort of bug and although I am sitting at home in my computer room, my head is floating off somewhere in the kitchen. I will more than likely spend my day on the couch, watching television and trying to drown out the noise of the muskets. So much for celebrating.


K.C. said…
Geez, it stinks so much to feel bad. Here's to hoping by the time you read this your head is back on your body...

Thanks for the encouragement you left for me!

Velvet Ginger said…
Please get well soon.
ARe you going to post the dogs in their costumes?
Very patriotic! Lots of history there!!!!
We just have the wild west "Gold Rush Days" in February! They shoot off guns then too....no muskets though! lol
Anonymous said…
glad that you get the day off! Sounds nice. Although not so nice to get a bug...Hope you enjoyed your couch time
Rita said…
I should have read this post earlier this week. I needed an official excuse to go to Happy Hour!
Velvet Ginger said…
Are you getting over that Dang Bug?????
Thanks Ladies - still nursing this cold!

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