The Perks Of Working From Home

The perks of working from home include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. You can wear jeans to work.

  2. You can brew some chai tea and drink if from your Winnie The Pooh mug.

  3. You can get some laundry done.

  4. You can sit by a sunny window.

  5. You can get a living, 5 pound lap blanket, to keep your legs nice and warm.


I LOVE working from home. I'm comfortable, did my laundry this morning, and I'd have a 70-lb lap blanket, but that just doesn't fly with me, though she'd like it fine.
Mon said…
It doesn't look like the lap blanket is getting much work done.
Janet said…
I too bask in how wonderful self employment is -- more of my work goes on "on the road" nonetheless I really enjoy working for myself.

Your lap blanket is definitely a little bigger than mine Hahn. I could put 14 Yorkies on my lap before I hit that mark.
OC, the lap blanket doesn't do much during the day but sleep and beg for cookies. On good days, I actually get to have two lap blankets :).
I love it too Janet. The only downside for me is having to buy my own insurance. Other than that, I love being my own boss.
I L-O-V-E Pooh! Though my chai is made in a Tinkerbell mug. The 5 pnd lap blanket is almost identical to yours, jeans... well I get to wear them at work, laundry... ugh. It's being able to wear bunny ear slippers that I would enjoy :-)
Hello Pisces! That pic is from one of more "dressed" days. Sometimes is just Winnie The Pooh pjs and slippers for me.

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