One Year Anniversary!

Today is the one year anniversary of Martini Cartwheels. I am very grateful for having met so many wonderful new people over the course of the last year. You have inspired, entertained, enlightened, and educated me and I feel very fortunate to have met such an incredible and diverse group of people from across the country and the world. Thank you.


Anonymous said…
Happy Anniversary!

I have enjoyed reading your blog and I look forward to it every day.

Janet said…
Congratulations!! I think that calls for a Cosmo --oops sorry.

Martini, on the rocks, olives.

Anonymous said…
Congratulations CJ!
I thoroughly enjoy your blog. Usually you make me laugh... but that poor child with the fork is the first time you ever made me cringe.
Velvet Ginger said…
Happy one year anniversary CJ!
Your posts are always
fun & different,
enlightening & entertaining,
alwats a pleasure.
You are a good person & I am pleased to be one of your blogger friends!
K.C. said…
Congratulations! Saw on your profile that The Four Agreements was one of your favorites... right there with you! Kayce
Mon said…
Happy Anniversary!
Anonymous said…
cool! happy anniversary! you're one of my first stops every blog perusal/work avoidance session. those dogs are just too cute!
Thank you very much everyone.

I am so thankful for getting to know you all this past year. Blog buddies rock!
Happy Blogversary! You continue to be a great read!
Anonymous said…
congrats! Glad you are here!
Thank you Hahn and Lesbian Life - I feel the same way about you two!
Anonymous said…
Happy Anniversary! I always looking forward to stopping in.
Thank you Karen! You are one of my early morning stops!
Hap blogversary! May you have many more.

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