Best In Show

The car in front of me had a bumper sticker which read "I (heart) My German Shepherd". How nice I thought, another dog lover. Except the driver of this car was not your typical dog owner. Instead of picture of a dog to the right of the caption, there was a man. That's odd I thought, must be the trainer or maybe the owner. No dog whistle though. And he looks strangely familiar. An older gentleman, smiling - where I have I seen this face?! Is that the...? Why yes, I think it is the Pope. Ahh, German Shepherd, I get it now.

So I decided I am creating my own sticker. On it will be a picture of me, lounging by the pool, with Belle and Stiffy approaching from the background, fetching a tray of beer and snacks for me to enjoy. And under the picture the caption will read - "I Love My Golden Retrievers".


Anonymous said…
Very clever, CJ. Very. I love it! Golden Retrievers tee hee!

(I think it is party bus time again!!!)
Cristina said…
That's priceless
Velvet Ginger said…
Hysterical!!!!! LOVE IT!
Anonymous said…
ah... i have an irish setter i'm kind of fond of. lol.
Thanks Belle. Now where's my beer?
Thank you RJ and Cristina. After seeing that sticker my mind just kept thinking about different dog breeds.
Anonymous said…
Too funny cj!

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