Good Cents

Today is Friday. Which means I am off from work and I will more than likely be paying my 83 year old mother a visit. She usually calls around 10:00 AM. I answer the phone and the voice on the other end says "I'm ready". Ok, good to know. I'll be ready in 3 hours and be right over.

Then there's the quarters. My mother seems to have gotten the impression that I collect state quarters. She'll hand me over three or four that she has put aside for me. "You must be getting close to having all 52", she'll say, while the whole time I'm thinking about how many minutes I can get in a parking meter for 75 cents. Yes, close to getting all 52 - they must have added a couple of states when I wasn't looking. And of course there will be the rolls of regular quarters for which we will have to go to the bank window so we can cash them in. Last visit she had only one roll but it was enough to merit a trip to the teller.

I'm not sure what is on our agenda for today. But I know one thing. I had better get my arse in the shower before that phone rings. For as much as I may make fun, I know our time together is precious. Tick toc.


Mon said…
Oh Man....

That's too precious. How long has she been giving the quarters to you? I know, people will often hand them to me, and say, "here's a new one". I'm like, "Score" 25 more cents to add to my purse for emergency parking or Diet Coke money.
Velvet Ginger said…
How wonderful that you get to spend time with your Mother! Even though you have a busy still go to see her! She cherishes that time with you, more than you will ever know.
(I really miss my Mom)
Shrinky said…
So funny about the quarters, kind of sums it up really. She sounds a sweetie. Nice you have a regular weekly day together, it's so easy to forget time marches on.
Hey OC - I scored three quarters yesterday! This has been going on for about three months or so. She got same change from a purchase at the drugstore and was all excited there were 2 state quarters in the loot. She immediately passed them on to me.
Hello RJ - We had a good afternoon yesterday sitting outside and looking at photographs she took while on vacation with my Dad. Since his passing I've realized how important it is to spend time with those you care about.
I find that it's so easy Shrinky to just get caught up in all the every day stuff so I try to save some time on Fridays to go visit her.
Anonymous said…
Do you say "qwater"?

I am the proud owner of all 50 States, Silver Series Minted Quarters. So there!

Working on the President Dollar Coins now.
Ok Chewy, I'm going to let my Mother know. You're in trouble now. Do you have Fridays off and easy access to East Longmeadow? LOL.
Anonymous said…
Go for the silver dollars, CJ, what are you thinking?!?

Start collecting them now!!
Anonymous said…
What I wouldn't give for a day like that :o) No kidding.
I feel very lucky Karen. Moving closer to my family was a very good thing for me.

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