Spring Vacation Days 7 and 8

Thursday we docked in Grand Cayman. I think this was my favorite stop. Very friendly people, great shopping, just an all around fun island. We had a great time checking out the shops and walking around town.

Friday was our last port of call, Cozumel, Mexico. Several of us signed up for a dolphin swim excursion and that for me was one of the highlights of the trip. Our group worked with a female dolphin name Olympia. I got lucky and got two kisses. (Apparently the photographer did not get a good shot on round one). Despite the obvious sale tactics - each group of participants is accompanied by a photographer and videographer - we all had a great time.


Mon said…
CJ...what a great picture of you with the dolphin!
Velvet Ginger said…
Wow! That's priceless & precious! What a wonderful bonus on your trip!
Anonymous said…
No tongue? (giggle)
Thanks OC! Olympia was very sweet.
Hi Rubye Jean - Thank you. We also got a handshake (actually a fin shake) and a ride - the dolphin flipped onto her back and we got to hold on to the fins while she pulled us along.
LOL Chewy. No, but she did try to give me her phone number (wink).
Anonymous said…
I came back to look at your smile and the big fish. (chuckle)
I think the big fish is smiling too Chewy. She knows I will buy the picture which in turn will buy her more little fish to snack on.
Anonymous said…
Awww. How sweet :o)

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