Has Anyone Seen My Bag?

Oh where is my big black suitcase,
Oh where or where can it be?
The baggage clerk says not to worry,
The bag is still sitting in Miami.

I am home but apparently my luggage was not quite through with vacation yet and decided to stay in Miami. And of course, I ignored the instructions which stated to not put anything of value in the bag. To top it all off, the airline also broke 2 bottles of rum I bought in Jamaica. Fortunately,they were in a bag by themselves so nothing else got damaged.Other than that, the trip was fantastic.

I'm hoping today for two things - the airline gets my bag to Hartford and that the house will stop rolling like the boat was.


Mon said…
Should I even ask what was of value in the bag? Bummer on the Rum....and welcome home!
More of a sentimental value than anything else - pictures taken at different ports by the ship photographer, a couple of hats from Margaritaville - things that I couldn't replace easily unless I went on another cruise.

The bag is supposedly on a plane right now but I won't be happy till I see it myself. I've never had this happen before but it seems to be more common than I thought.
Mon said…
I've actually had it happen to me several times and have gotten it back each time. My worst luggage fisasco was when they just tore my suitcase up completly and I couldn't even get it outside without bags, needless to say I had to buy a new one right then.
Cristina said…
Hey if it was your teflon coated bag you won't have to worry about it. Too bad you did not pack me in it I couldda had an extra day in Miami - ohhhh the trouble I could try to find. Too bad Ima good girl ;-X - riiiighT. Welcome back girlie!!!
Anonymous said…
Welcome back cj.
Bum, broken rum. Next time put a towel in the bag. You can squeeze the rum out of it. (chuckle)
Thanks Cristina. It feels nice to be back home. I'm sure you would have a great time visiting Miami. South Beach is a hopping place - almost as much fun as the NoHo Brewery. :)
Great idea Chewy. That may just work. I may try one of those Big E Miracle Chamois things next time. I bet that could absorb at least a liter of rum.
I'm glad to hear you got your bags back each time OC. Mine was supposed to head to Chicago and then to Hartford but it didn't get on the flight. I drove down to the airport to talk to both Delta and American and neither one was much help. Still patiently waiting...
Velvet Ginger said…
Welcome Back!!! I didn't know you had returned until I saw you on chewy's blog!
So did you have a great time? Meet any interesting people?
Drink any new martinies?
I would be bumbed about the rum too.
I sure hope you get your bag back!!
Anonymous said…
i'm hesitant to ask -- is it back yet? i did experience luggage mutilation. well, technically i observed it. my ex climbed halfway up the luggage carousel some years back at the airport in indy. a valiant attempt to stop the piece by piece arrival of her bag's contents. somehow, they'd slit the bag from top to bottom. the funniest part was this madwoman screaming 'that's my stuff' and this other woman laughing hysterically, fully contained suitcase in hand.
Rita said…
Ewwwww....sorry about the rum! I have had the opportunity to taste fine Jamaican Rum and it can be a real treat! I will see this as a sign and ship all wine purchases from Napa! :)

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