Everybody Dive In The Pool

Maybe Chewy can help me out on this one. She has a pool. A nice one at that.

Last year was really my first year trying to maintain this thing. It came with the house. And I admit, I had a bit of difficulty trying to keep the pH in the normal range. I thought I could get away with it, that no one would be the wiser. Until the blondes that I know suddenly went green (sorry Belle and Stiffy). And then folk's toenails started to turn the same shade. And so, this year I promise to do better. Really. I'm almost positive that it won't happen this year. Although the green was kind of cool.


Anonymous said…
Cool like a Shamrock shake from McDonald's kind of a green. I felt like a belonged on the set of a Willie Wonka movie.
Cristina said…
I wonder what that would do to color treated red ish hair. Memo to me - don't go in the pool.
Anonymous said…
(blush) I have a Pool Boy.

(um... he's really my 72 yr old dad)
Mon said…
Now I'm officially jealous...nice nice pool.
Anonymous said…
If the water's clear and you are not overpowered by the smell of chlorine, who cares about PH anyway?

Mr. Moto
Anonymous said…
Mr. Moto! Blondie cares, that's who! You didn't see my pretty green hair last year but it was greeeeeeeeeen!!
Anonymous said…
You have a beautiful view there. Your backyard looks like a little slice of heaven.
Velvet Ginger said…
It looks like you did a good job, the water looks nice & blue!!
110 degrees here today....I wish I could jump in!!!
Good question Cristina. After a few martinis you may not care as much :).
Hey Chewy - I was hoping more for a pool girl myself but I certainly wouldn't turn away a pool boy, no matter what his age. Go Dad!
Thank you OC! It's fun, green hair and all (easy for me to say).
Well Mr. Moto, Blondie is right about her hair. She was, shall we say, "wicked" green. And her little dog too.
Thank you Karen. I feel lucky to have the view. In Boston, I looked out at my neighbor's kitchen.
Thank you Rubye Jean! A 110 degrees?! I can honestly say I have never been in 110 degree weather. It must heat the pools nicely!
Unknown said…
Awww I wanna pool in my backyard...anyway..I would have the same issue. I had a good friend growing up who had one and I had green hair all summer long. I thought it was from highlighting my hair and then being in the pool not the pool itself. And I was just going to start sending out my app as a pool girl..LOL

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