Want To Buy Some Leftovers?

A while back I posted something about an intranet site we have at work where employees can sell items. Yesterday's item was the all time winner, even better than the $1.00 Barney VHS tapes.

Unopened Box Of Taffy
New Jersey Seashore 16 oz box of assorted salt water taffy. One dollar. Box unopened and wrapped in plastic. Get in the mood for summer! 5 pieces have only 150 calories..not bad!

Are you kidding me? Why would anyone pay a buck to eat someones left over taffy that was probably from last summer? And the kicker - the thing sold a couple of hours later. The seller actually posted a big notice - TAFFY SOLD! As if everyone would be trying to get down to her office to purchase this before someone else did. Oh man. Well, I have a box of half eaten, individually wrapped chocolates left over from Christmas. What do think - should I try selling these for 25 cents?

I don't know what is more odd - selling this or buying?


Mon said…
I have left over PEEPs from easter, do you want to try to sell them, I even have assorted colors and they are ALL still wrapped in the original plastic?

Seriously, I might have bought the Barney tape..
Velvet Ginger said…
I have left over peeps too,purple ones at that. "Ick" on selling old unwanted candy!!!
Cristina said…
Hey peeps are good (only if you put a small hole in the package so they harden up a little) - ewwww buying "old unwanted candy". CJ how many boxes of unwanted chocolates go up right around Anti-V-Day?
Anonymous said…
hmmm. i'm waiting for the buyers' remorse post? who buys gently used candy?
Ok, OC and Rubye - Send me those peeps ASAP and I will make us some money. Let's see, $1.00 divided by three = 33 and 1/3 cents each. Not bad.
I'll have to check that Cristina. I bet I could really get some good bargins then.

I think yesterday's item may have been a winner too - a free Happy Meal toy, unopened. And guess what? It was posted by the same person who was selling the taffy.
Hey Lynt - If I had old stale candy that I didn't want, I would do the normal thing and put it in a bowl by the sign in sheet at work so my co-workers could 'enjoy' it.
Perfectly Aged Christmas Fruit Cake:
ready to use as permanent door stop or home protection device. $5.00 or best offer :-)

I've been *wondering* how to get rid of this! Thanks for the idea!
C'mon down Chewy. The price is right!
Hi Pisces - If it's still in the orignal wrapper you're golden. You may have to discount it a bit if there is a slice or two missing.
Janet said…
I thought that is what the breakroom at work is for...you can put anything in the breakroom and someone eats it.

Never thought of selling it...damn.

Hi MLC - Thanks for the visit!

I would never think to sell something like that. Like you, I would set it out by the microwave or sign in sheet. I should go through my pantry today. I think I have some old pop-tarts I need to get rid of.

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