Saturday, May 3, 2008

Saturday At Sea

We are cruising today from Mexico to Miami. Unfortunately, I was out until 4:00 AM last night. So the question of the day is, what is worse than a rum hangover? Answer: A rum hangover at sea.

I got to play with dolphins yesterday in Mexico. I got a dolphin kiss, a hug, and a ride. What a great experience.

We get into port around 7:00 AM tomorrow. I have a late afternoon flight and anticipate getting into Hartford, CT around 9:00 PM. This has been a great trip, but I do miss the Girlz (my little dogs) quite a bit and I am looking forward to seeing them and being home.

Time for a nap.


Mon said...

Welcome home!

Me. Here. Right now. said...

I suppose putting your foot on the floor as it hangs over the bed to keep the room from spinning doesn't really work aboard a ship, huh? And, maybe that's why they call it DEMON RUM.

Martini Cartwheels said...

Thank you OC!

Martini Cartwheels said...

Hahn you are correct in your assumption that the 'ol one foot down trick does not help when out at sea. I still feel like I am moving today - it's really wierd. Feels like the house is going up and down - and I've had no rum today.