Spring Vacation Days 3 and 4

On Sunday Day 3, our group met up at the port to board The Freedom of The Seas. After going through the check-in process, we headed to our cabins to check out our accommodations. Then it was time for our Bon Voyage party on Deck 10 as we headed out to sea.

Day 4 was spent entirely at sea as we cruised to Labadee, a port located on the northern coast of Haiti. As a service to our fellow passengers, we made sure to QC the pool bar by testing various selections, including but not limited to, the drink of the day. After a thorough examination we concluded that the ice was safe.

Monday night was the first formal dinner of the cruise. There were a couple of us that did not attend, myself included. Instead, we opted for casual dining in one of the ships smaller restaurants. The majority of our group did go however, and they looked marvelous.


Lesbianlife said…
wow, looks like a nice group and festive...
Anonymous said…
now it's been my experience that cruises are chock full of boozing,sex, partying in general..I could be wrong as the one I went on could have been the exception to the rule...:)))))))))))))))))))
Ronia Nash said…
Who is this "group" of people you went with?? And who had the huge stateroom????
Velvet Ginger said…
Looks like you had alot of fun.
I am happy that the "ice" was good...how were those drinks...hmmmm? hmmmm?
I would have opted for the casual dining too...simple country girl here...no fancey wancey!
Hey Lesbianlife - It was a really great group of people. Most of them I was just meeting for the first time. Also,most of them were from the same family. They were are super nice folks.

Hi Robert - I have no idea where you would have gotten that impression :) Ok, maybe I have some idea. They are a lot of fun!
Rizzo! The trip was organized by our motorcycle buddies Mr. & Mrs. Moto (that's their mototorcyle name) and their family. They were nice enough to invite us along. One couple in the group had an amazing stateroom that they were generous enough to let the group use as a gathering place.
Hi Rubye Jean - It was a great time. I think the Pina Coladas were my favorite drink on the ship. Probably about only 500 calories each. And yes, the casual dining worked for me too.
Anonymous said…
Drinking and the ship swaying... good thing you didn't fall overboard.

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