These Are Not The Next American Idols

Yes, it does run in the family.

This is a video of my two nieces. Since I'm feeling a bit worn out tonight, I'm taking the easy way out by posting a video from my cell phone. The quality is not so great, but it does show that I am not the only nutty one in the family.

Unfortunately, the niece on the right is in the hospital right now with an intestinal infection. Feel better soon E so we can get back to singing in the kitchen!

PS - It wasn't your mother's cooking was it? Oh man, please tell me it wasn't the scalloped potatoes - I ate those too!


I couldn't see a video. But, I was imaging mini-yous.
Mon said…
Tag You're it!
Anonymous said…
Where's the video? It's not showing up on my computer.
Velvet Ginger said…
You have to wait for the video to appear...I couldn't see it at home but I can now here at work...I had to let the screen just sit for a bit!
I think that's CUTE Cj!!! Those girls are silly & fun...reminds me of my family...I hope the sick one is better!
OK, I can see the video on my machine. Could it be a problem with blogger? Or with Macs?
Velvet Ginger said…
I have a pc at home and at work, you just have to wait & let it appear. (i am very patient)
Thanks for the update Rubye Jean. Glad to know it is visible.
Anonymous said…
HEY! MACS hardly ever have problems!
Oh, and just in case you are curious, my nieces are in their
30's. I'm old.

Thank you Rubye Jean for the nice comments!

Chewy - I'm ready for a Mac after all my issues with Vista!

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