Things For Which To Be Thankful

My two nieces have had some health issues lately. First E was admitted to the hospital with severe abdominal pain. She ended up with a five day stay. Then my other niece S spent twelve hours in the ER due to a pain in her side (no, it wasn't me).

Not feeling up to par can really bring you down. So I am sending them both some well wishes here today and hopefully convincing them that there are worse things in life.

There is 80's hair:

Oh, and a couple of more things to add to the list: red shag carpet and wrist corsages. Rock me like a hurricane girls, but you sure are pretty in pink (and black). Hey - didn't you have a cat that got lost at one point. I think I see it.



Shrinky said…
Oh boy - eighties hair.. but on the bright side,at least you didn't back-comb yours (eeek)!

Hope your nieces are on the mend and feeling better, it's always miserable being confined to a hospital bed.
Mon said…
Too Cute CJ...80's hair, your hair was bigger than mine...holy cow. Was Aqua Net your friend too?

Hope all is well, and that everybody is getting better fast.
Wait a minute - those pictures are not of me. No, no, no.

I had the short 80's boy cut. Those pics are of the nieces. I think I need to add a disclaimer :)
Velvet Ginger said…
I figured out which one was you right away. What were we thinking in those days huh?
I sure hope your neices are on the mend...that's terrible that they both have been so sick.
When those we love are hurt we are hurt also.
Janet said…
What about that 80's jewelry...I have earrings that could double as saucers for tea cups.

Anonymous said…
hope they feel better soon. that
80s hair should provide a laugh. wow. it's all cyclical, the hair will be back.
Anonymous said…
I know that I should be looking at everyone's 80's hair but I can't get over how Whitey McPastey you looked even back in the 80's!

Are you sure that you ever got a tan? I need proof!
Thank you RJ for the well wishes. Both seem to be doing better and that each got a chuckle out of seeing themselves posted here.
Hi Shrinky - Thank you for the visit! What I loved most about the 80's was the music - especially the bands from the UK. Seeing as you are from there, I'm curious as to your favorites from that period.
Hi OC - I considered it a good day when I got in the car and the top of my spiked short hair touched the roof. I loved products and still do today.

Thank you for the well wishes!
Hello MLC. I loved the vintage jewelery that was popular than. I had rhinestone pins and earrings from my grandmother that I used to wear. And the vintage coats and sweaters - oh my.
Hey Lynt - OK, to be honest, I wouldn't mind short and spiky making a come back. It was much easier! Thank you too, for the well wishes.
Blondie I swear that I have had tans! Really! I think the last one was in 1988.
Shrinky said…
Eurythinics had top billing - and always David Bowie.. I got into SO much trouble over him once.. smile.

Alison Moyet, she rocked my soul! How about you? What singers/bands were your personal favourites?
Cristina said…
Hey CJ - Mine is short & spikey and I have to use so much product - dern hair grows forward but all worth it when I know I look good for the girls - lol
Shrinky I was into Depeche Mode, The Cure, Bronski Beat, Adam and The Ants, Public Image Ltd, The Smiths, and Culture Club. I still listen to these artists on my ipod. And I love David Bowie and the Eurythmics too.
Hey Cristina - I love your short and spikey hair. As do the other ladies, I am sure :)

Should we be careful not to light a match around you?
Cristina said…
Notsomuch hairspray as other products so matches are oaky
Anonymous said…

1980 I had an asymmetrical haircut. Clipped short on one side and long on the other.

Early 80's very short with a colored tail on the back right side.

Mid 1980's buzz cut with bright orange like Annie Lennox!

Mid 1980's bleached white.

Late 80's a DA "Duck's Ass".
Anonymous said…
1970's very pointy shoes (cockroach killers) gave way to big black boots for mid 1980's. Wicked liquid eyeliner and spandex. um... ripped the sleeves off my shirts. Leather MC Jacket.

Pssst... Shrinky was a big hair girl. (tee-hee)
Shrinky said…
cj, don't listen to that slanderous chewy - hmph.

Velvet Ginger said…
Just stopped to say hi.
Ok Chewy - I think you need to post some more of those 80's pic. I would be very interested in seeing those. :)

And Shrinky - if those rumors are true how about a pic as well?
Hi RJ! Thanks for stopping by.
Shrinky said…
Stuff that for a game of soldiers - I did that once in my last blog, Chewy will never let me live it down.

Hope you are catching more sleep, tho' lack of it does appear to scramble your brain in the most delightful of ways (still laughing).
Very cute, CJ, very cute.
Thanks Hahn! I love to post old family photos. It's the best way to get them to my site. Otherwise, I think they may be ignoring me! It's good to keep them on their toes.

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