Spring Vacation Days 5 and 6

Tuesday the ship docked in Labadee. The majority of our group thought it would be a great day to stay on board and take advantage of there being less folks on the ship. I started out the day with a massage at the ship's spa given to me by a very cute young woman from Romania. She convinced me that I should buy $100.00 worth of product in order to keep my muscles feeling as good once I got home. It was not a tough sale for her.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing in the hot tub and in the pool.

Day 6, Wednesday, we docked in Jamaica. Several of our group, including myself, had previously signed up for a jungle zip line tour. Being the wimp that I am, I decided at the last minute that shopping was more my thing and I backed out of the excursion. I'm told it was fun, walking downhill 45 minutes through the jungle to jump off platforms while wearing ropes and straps tied around your waist and around your crotch. Ok, I'll have to try that sometime. Maybe I will practice in my backyard. That way if the rope breaks, I will land in my pool and not in the jungle with a tree up my backside and a snake around my neck.


Velvet Ginger said…
More fun! The hot tubd would have been my favorite...and I don't think I could do that rope in teh crotch thing!
Did you get sea-sick at all?
Anonymous said…
WHAT! You didn't go on the zip-line tour. What the heck is wrong with you, girl? Jeesh. (elbow nudge) I thought you were adventurous.
No too bad Rubye Jean. There was one day that we felt a little queezy but we had been up pretty late the night before and the sea was a little choppy.

The hot tubs were great. There were two on the ship, both over-looking the ocean.
Hey Chewy - I'm not such a big fan of heights or jungle bugs. Besides, I'm a delicate petite little flower. :)

Ok, well maybe not that delicate.
Anonymous said…
Hey you forgot about the hot tub / jacuzzi tubs in the pool area!
Cristina said…
CJ!!! I would have even done the zip-line tour (screaming all the way - but I woul have done it).
Cristina, I may have done the one that went over the Ocean - maybe. But the jungle one was several zip lines. And what if I saw a snake? I would have peed myself.

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