Spring Vacation Days 1 and 2

The first Friday and Saturday of vacation were spent in Miami in South Beach. After arriving and settling in at the hotel, it was time for lunch. One of my favorite spots for a casual meal in South Beach is the Van Dyke Cafe. How appropriate don't you think?

After lunch it was off to the Ritz Carleton for some cocktails. I can't afford to stay at the Ritz. But their drinks cost the same as any other place there and they have, in my humble opinion, the best bathrooms in all of Miami. Sitting at the bar I spied a gentleman walking through the lounge that looked familiar. Shot through the heart and you're to blame - it was Jon Bon Jovi. Not too tough on the eyes I must say, even for me. After a subtle confirmation from the bartender I kept my eye on him until he disappeared at a table for what looked to be a business meeting.

Saturday was spent shopping, walking on the beach, and taking in a few minutes of a polo match that was in progress. The rest of the group arrived in Miami on Saturday night, but we decided to take it easy and call it an early night. We had a big week ahead of us.


Mon said…
Jon Bon Jovi, seriously??? He is one of my favorite people.
Anonymous said…
I plan on following your cue when in Boston. Eat at a lower priced restaurant, then go to an expensive joint for drinks.
I was pretty suprised OC to see him there. I was hoping for a peek at Jennifer Aniston who was in Miami filming a movie but no such luck. As handsome as Bon Jovi is, if I had to choose, I would go for Jennifer.
Hey Chewy - You'll have to update me when you get back on where you went. I'd be interested to hear where you went and what you thought of it. Oh, and they moved the Hard Rock Cafe to a new spot - across the street and to the left (as you are facing) Quincy Market. I haven't been in there yet but it looks fun.
Lesbianlife said…
CJ-sounds like you had a wonderful time!
It was really a lot of fun Lesbianlife!

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