That Cowboy Will Poke Your Eye Out

Watch out for this cowpoke! I made the mistake of turning to face this dude in order to talk to him. Unfortunately, I talked to his Texas longhorn. Hence, the look of discomfort on my face.

You have to wonder if the calculus used to adjust the height of the stilts incorporated the average height of a female in relation to the location of his prickly cactus.


Ronia Nash said…
"prickly cactus" ..... good one!
I has tumbleweed at first Ronia but that didn't seem anatomically correct.
Ronia Nash said…
No I guess tumbleweed wouldn't have worked unless you were talking about .... well you know.
Shrinky said…
I hadn't figured you as a midget..!
SquirtyB said…
Lol. Oh I needed a good laugh this morning!
Anonymous said…
LMAO!!! too funny.
Hi John! Thanks for stopping by!

Ha! LOL Shrinky. In reality, that cowboy was only 5'9".

Hey Squirty! Glad this gave you a chuckle :)

Hi Jude! Good thing I didn't take his picture when I turned around to talk to him. I would have needed a wide angle lens.
LilliGirl said…
Hey, Chica! Award for you over at my place. :)
Anonymous said…
I get enough poking on FB.
Anonymous said…
LOL nice! Love the chaps, would be even better on a woman though.

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