Happy St. Patrick's Day Parade

My father was orange. My mother was not green. But I consider my sister orange and her husband is green and they did have to get married in two churches. So maybe this song is more appropriate for my nieces but then again, they would have to reverse it to my mother was orange and my father was green and...oh never mind.

The St. Patrick's Day parade in western Mass is today at noon. We plan to be in our place at the pub, which sits at the end of the route, promptly at 10:00 AM. Pictures, hopefully not too blurry, to follow.


Shrinky said…
One of the Best St. Patrick's Day's I've ever had was when I got caught up in the parades in New York - I was there with my best mate, and we were totally taken by surprise! We ended up in some pub or other, who says New Yorkers aren't friendly?

So you have a bit of the Celt in you? Why am I not surprised? (Grin) Hope you all have a fab time tonight - try to be good!
Hey Shrinky - thank you very much. Yes, my grandparents were off the boat from Belfast. I think I will be one of the few orange folks at this parade. And I'm not making it known. Side note - I believe your town got the number one spot in Popular Photography for top places to shoot photos. Very cool!
Anonymous said…
(tapping me foot)

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