Everyone Knows It's Windy

It was so windy here today in Massachusetts. (Ok, now you say, "How windy was it").

And I say, windy enough for me to find a canoe sitting in the side yard.

Last time we saw this, it was tied to the roof of the neighbor's car.

Still no sign of the vehicle. Maybe that is sitting in backyard.


Anonymous said…
Funny... it didn't seem the wind was that strong... until I came upon an uprooted tree lying across the road.
Anonymous said…
Wow, that is crazy windy. As long as the car isn't on top of a house, you are fine. Who knows, maybe the canoe is waiting for a flood.
Monkey Outlaw said…
Wow, no chance of it being a Ark huh!
Shrinky said…
Blimey, gives new meaning to the phrase, "Look what the wind's blown in"! I am so totally gonna' stop moaning about the climate over here,think I'd die of shock if I had to weather (get it, I said weather - like as in a pun, eh? God, I'm good. Hehehe!) a year in Mass.
Anonymous said…
sitting in the back yaad or maybe that ended in the river!
Jules said…
I sure hope this still sitting in your yard. I sounds like you guys may need it.

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