iPhone/iTouch App Reviews - TripTracker and Nevasic

I recently purchased several apps for my iPhone. Two that I think are worth mentioning are TripTracker and Nevasic.

TripTracker worked great on my recent trip to Texas. All you do is type in your flight number and airline. It was a quick and easy way to get gate information which came in super handy, especially at an airport the size of DFW. I am not terribly experienced at traveling alone. This app made me feel a little more at ease and confident about connecting flights.

Nevasic, according to their web site, is "an audio program that eliminates the symptoms of sickness". I bought this for my trip as well, as it has a program that is supposed to relieve motion sickness. There is also a program for morning sickness, and for hangovers. Fortunately I didn't need it for my trip. And I'm not pregnant. But if you read my mobile posts from last night/early this morning, you can probably guess what I needed it for today.

The app has to be used with headphones. And although there are the three programs mentioned above, it is supposed to work with nausea caused by just about anything. So this morning while lying in bed, I popped on my headphones and navigated to the part of the app called "I'm hungover...". And I tell you, within 15 minutes I felt well enough to drift back off to sleep. When I woke up, I was no longer feeling like I needed to go pray at the temple of the porcelain goddess.

I am not paid or compensated in anyway by the makers of these apps. It's just that there are so many ones out there, that I often feel overwhelmed every time I visit the app store in iTunes that I end up not purchasing anything. And since I thought these two were pretty cool, I wanted to share them with you.

If anyone has any apps that have made their life easier, I'd love to hear about it.


Anonymous said…
Ever hear a song and go "Oh, I like that. Who is that?". Shazam will tell you who what when and where. Pandora is a radio that only plays songs in the genre you like. Flashlight is a, well, a flashlight which I have used alot! Yelp is very cool, Traffic works pretty good and Tipstar for when your brain cannot process numbers anymore. - Mr. Moto
Hey Mr. Moto - Cool suggestions, thank you. What is Yelp?
Anonymous said…
Yelp is an app that will find out where you are and tell you about what's around you - restaurants, bars, banks, gas, drugstores, etc. Shows maps. Very cool. I use it alot when I travel.

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