Marie Osmond Made Me Do It

I signed up for Nutrisystem today. I should be getting a five week supply of food delivered this week.

I've been trying to be good. But 12 hours work days (that includes the commute) have taking their toll on my waist. Beer isn't helping either, especially when supplemented with nachos.

Thursday may have been the kicker. I was wearing pants with a snap at the top of the zipper. And before I got out of the driveway the snap popped open - twice. I'm worried I may one day shoot someone's eye out with if it happens while wearing my Levis.

So we'll see how it goes. I'm hoping to lose 25 pounds. Does this mean I have to switch to light beer? That would totally suck.

And more importantly, do you think I will get to meet Marie?


PJ said…
I considered Nutrisystem, but I'm too cheap, so I keep talking myself out of it. I'm pretty sure you're going to have to switch to light beer. Or, maybe you can do the "every other beer" method. Every other beer has to be light, that way you're only drinking half the amount.

If you do get to meet Marie, be very careful. Her teeth frighten me.
Anonymous said…
For safety's sake you should wear elastic waist pants.
Ronia Nash said…
mmmmm..... nachos and beer!
Hey Pam - I like how you think. I've done the every other on occasion but I'm thinking I may need to stick to it a little better. LOL about the Marie comment - thanks for the chuckle this morning.

No Chewy, no! But I am laughing my ass off at your comment. Just make sure you are wearing safety glasses next time we meet up.

Ronia, only two words for you - VEGAS BABY!
Landlady of Fat said…
I'd advise against it. You may get lost in that big ass hair. LOL

Good luck!

Is it terribly expensive? I've always considered it...

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