Women's Room Roadblock

I can't get to the freaking paper towels because you are hogging the sinks and mirrors. If you were a big lesbian like me, you would know that your hair looks good because mullets are easy to maintain. Levi jeans,Doc Martins, Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine - done and good to go.

Ok, kidding about the mullet part. Really.

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Location:Lighthouse Bar

*******Morning After Thoughts***********

So really, I'm usually not that bitchy about the whole bathroom thing. But this bathroom was small. And this woman was dolling herself up like she was entering a Miss America Pageant. So I stood to the side and behind her for at least a minute with wet hands because the paper towels were totally blocked. It was at that point that I just reached over, probably dripping water from my hands into her open pocketbook, and dried my hands on her pants. Shoot, I mean grabbed a towel. Ok, I feel better now.

One more thing - I originally titled this post Straight Women In The Bathroom which isn't fair. I love straight women. Most women are straight until they're not. So I apologize for stereotyping here. Because honestly, I've seen my share of lesbian bathroom primping as well.


Shrinky said…
Yeah, shame about the spinnach in your teeth, though.. even big lesbians should sometimes check in the mirror, eh?
Lol Shrinky. Next time I will not be so quick to judge. That's what I get for BWD - blogging while drinking. I'm changing the title of this post asap since I have to admit I've found the same situation in the ladies bars.
Shrinky said…
Haaaaaaaaaaa, GOTCHA'!!

And, I've just read your amendum (not sure that's the right word, but it looks good) - don't tell me you're joining the PC crowd now? Straights can take the stereo-typing, Lord knows, gays have had to live with it for long enough!
Anonymous said…
Those are the "me-me" people. They are blind to those around them.
PJ said…
Hello. Just browsing blogs and I found yours. You are a riot! I had to laugh at this post. I feel your pain. A couple of times a week someone will come in the bathroom at work and I know they're putting makeup on. I can't see them from inside the stall, but I can hear the makeup sounds. You know, the sound of a lipstick tube being opened and then silence, then the cover being put back on. Makeup sounds. There are two sinks and these women always travel in pairs. Doesn't anyone put themselves together before they leave the house in the morning? Anyway, it drives me nuts, so when I read your post I just had to comment.
Anonymous said…
I blame the engineers who design the bathrooms like that and they're probably men (maybe, maybe not).

Rule #1 No mirror should be located in front of any sink.

Rule #2 If you think you need X bathroom stalls increase the number by 50% for the women's rest room.

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