First Annual Texas Blogging Convention

Well, maybe not a convention. But it was Texas. And we are bloggers.

The best thing about blogging? Meeting wonderful people! And the second best? Getting to actually meet these friends in person.

Thank you Solo and OAO for making the drive to San Antonio, for an awesome dinner, for my new moto charm/beverage opening device, and for teaching me the proper way to pronounce pahkan. You ladies rock.


Solo said…
"Pahkan" just sounds better than pee-can....I'm just sayin'.

Love the boots, loved the visit, loved the beers and know that you are welcomed here anytime.

Shrinky said…
Poo, s'not fair, how come it's only you American's that get to have all the fun?? I think I'm the only blogger on this tiny rock of mine, well, unless you count Nutty Nora that is (but you can't, not really, she thinks she is anonymous as Herbert the Hermit).

Groovy boots!
Anonymous said…
I want to see the moto charm/beverage opening device.
LilliGirl said…
Wow...I didn't even know what that P-word was. And while I would only be caught in cowboy boots on Halloween I am jealous you got to meet THE Solo and OAO. I'm so glad you had fun! Now about this beverage thingy...

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