Conference? What Conference?

Howdy from Texas! Unfortunately this conference is consuming a lot of time and leaving me only a precious few minutes for personal blogging. Plus, I am using my work laptop which isn't the best for uploading pictures.

The highlight of this trip happened on Saturday night when I got to meet
Solo and OAO. Let me tell you, they are great people. Warm, funny, welcoming - just all around great stock. I feel very fortunate and honored to have met these ladies in person.

I have a pic or two to post which I will hopefully do soon. Tonight it is all day sessions and this evening a vendor sponsored cocktail party.

Oh - and I got myself some genuine cowboy boots and a few other accessories. Yee-Hawwww!

I love Texas.


kaitlin said…
oooh! include a pic of the boots, too!

glad you girls had a great time :)
Solo said…
Did ya get the pointy toes or square???

We miss you already.
Hey Kaitlin! Thank you! It was an awesome time. Boots pic is posted! That was my mission for this trip - return with boots!

Toes are pointy Solo. And I went with the men's boot. I'm feeling all butch now :).

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