Nutritionist's Nightmare Lunch

Yes, I made a resolution to lose weight. But in order to do that, I need to go on a little binge, stuffing my cake-hole with junk food until I am so disgusted with myself that the above no longer tempts me and eating healthy will not feel like such a chore.

Today my lunch consisted of boneless wings, waffle fries with cheese, chili, and sour cream, an open face turkey sandwich on Texas toast with mashed potatoes, and one large beer with which to wash it all down. And I can say is "Yum, yum, yum."

Hey, there's not a lot to do here in Massachusetts in the winter. I was bored. And hungry. And come on, I know there are a handful of you out there that thinks this looks good. Fess up fellow bloggers!

It's cold and gray in my home of Mass,
Wings make me warm but stick to my ass.
All food with a great taste,
Seems to hang on my waist,
It's treadmill time for this beer drinking lass.


Anonymous said…
Allison said…
I didn't know you were a poet, too!
Mon said…
Looks good to me CJ!
Hey H! Where the WWA? Still lmao thinking about NYE.

Oh yes, Allison. One of my many hidden talents, lol. That and eating wings.

Thank you Mon! That's some good Massachusetts home cooking!
Angie said…
I have to admit it looks delicious. ;)
lynt said…
... okay, i have the same eat-it-while-you-can philosophy happening this weekend. am excited to report i also had waffle fries yesterday. yum. then for dinner, no wings, but a pizza called ryan's inferno -- a bit of ranch, buffalo grilled chix, red onion, drizzle of bleu cheese. quite tasty.
Monkey Outlaw said…
Dang - saw this and I'm snowed in and can't get out to get any of what I really want! I think I have to call the delivery driver now!
LilliGirl said…
Wings and beer just prove God loves us...I'm just sayin.
Scintillectual said…
Thank you for that. Now I need to go out and find junk food for lunch. You've given me a hard-on for chili cheese fries. Loaded. Seriously.

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