Saturday, January 9, 2010

Driving, Driving, Driving REVISITED

I wanted to thank you all for your great comments on my last post. You have encouraged me at a time when I really needed it. I so appreciate all your thoughts.

Jude - You did a 70 mile commute each way for 10 years. That's cool.

Small Town - 1220 miles a week huh? What the heck am I complaining about?

Mon - I love that fact that people in big states just do this sort of drive with no whining.

Shrinky - Yes, a break would probably be a good idea. January is a long, cold month.

Solo - That would be a nice ride on a motorcycle wouldn't it? When are we going?

Nulaanne - I was thinking it was a Mass thing. Folks here don't even like to drive to Boston which is only about 80 miles west of here.

Mrs. Moto - Your comment was great. I love "I live where I want to live and I work where I have to." I am going to borrow that one if you don't mind. It's so true.

Weese - Forty miles can be as bad as 70 if the traffic is bad. I'll add you to the ranks of another extreme commuter.

Rizzo - I didn't know you where 35 miles away from work. Ok, you are in the club!

Lilligirl - Adding you to the ranks as well. You are right - some things are worth the trip.

Tina-cious - One hour for 16 miles makes you a member of the club too. I had that type of commute when I lived in Boston. Thanks for encouragement with the 100 mile comment.

Monkey Outlaw - Great point about unwinding. It is true - if I made it home in 20 minutes I'd still be a stressed out thinking about work. And if gives me time to get caught up with what is going on in the world by listening to news radio.

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