Is it me or do Sunday nights sort of suck? I'm having a hard time today. I've been on a work break since December 24th because the university where I work shuts down between Christmas and New Years. I told myself I would log in, work from home, get caught up so I wouldn't be so stressed out when I went back. But of course I didn't because I was just as behind at home with getting things picked up, errands run, and so on. And I had absolutely no desire to sign into work. None.

So I am a bit anxious tonight. I like my job well enough but to be honest, if I never had to write another piece of code again I wouldn't miss it.

Speaking of crappy things, the dog just used the kitchen floor as a bathroom while I was writing this. I had just put her out but apparently it was too cold to do everything, so she saved a little something for indoors. And now for the best part - dog #2 decided to live up to her rank by ingesting a few bites of #1's #2. Ummm - tastes like chicken.

Maybe there is a lesson to be learned here. Even though heading back to work after a break leaves a bad taste in your mouth, there are some things that leave a worse taste.

The poop eater, Cierra Belle.


Mon said…
Ewwwww...Cierra.....no mouth kisses for you baby!
Ronia Nash said…
great last line CJ! LOL
Angie said…
I love the pic :)
small town dyke said…
hope work is ok tomorrow. Our little dog hates to go out when it's cold and always seems to have some left over gotta love little dogs and cold winters!
Anonymous said…
LOL....yes, give kisses please!
Monkey Outlaw said…
Ewwwww yucko - but you are right, things could be worse!
I have a little one just like yours... and he likes to get into his sisters "stuff" too... Ugh!!! I hate it... Just LOVE Midwest winters... :-)

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