A Fun Birthday Gag

If you take someone out to a restaurant for their birthday, it may be best to ask in advance if they actually like the dessert into which the wait staff will place the candle and present to them. Failure to abide by this rule may cause distorted expressions and/or strange noises to emanate from the guest of honor. Plus, it scares the patrons at the surrounding tables. Is spumoni really that bad??

Happy Birthday to my niece! Oh and sorry for snapping this shot right at the moment of impact. It was an accident.


John Gascot said…
I can't even tell you how much I LOVE spumoni. What is wrong with that girl!!!!
Anonymous said…
I guess you need to acquire a taste for spumoni. Fun picture.
lmao, accident? sure it was! uh huh! no really! i believe you!
Shrinky said…
Such a caring, loving aunt you are, but there's gratitude for you, eh?
Unknown said…
i can't believe i let you post that picture.
CJ said…
We're going out for Indian food the night before my birthday....I'm thinking I'll fail to mention it's my birthday....for this reason! LOVE the face!

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