Irene Quote Of The Day Sunday Jan 17, 2010

A continuing series of discussions with my 84 year old Mother Irene.

Don't ever discuss hearing issues with your elderly parents. Trust me on this one. Apparently my sister has a low voice and that's why Irene cannot hear her very well (translation - at all). And the doorbell? Well, that's because of the new screen door.

And despite the fact that the television volume is loud enough so that the people in the next town over know what my mother is watching, that really isn't an issue either.

Irene: "Have you ever notice that your sister has a very low voice?"
CJ: "No I haven't."
Irene: "You know, I don't need my glasses to hear the TV."

Funny, neither to I.


Anonymous said…
I have that no hear tone too. My Dad can't hear a word I say yet he can hear Mrs Jude with no problem. She's become the go between/interpreter.

Funny/sad thing is, my Dad has a hearing aide.
Girl Fires said…
well now I have to go back read the rest of the series because this is precious.
And I totally need my glasses on to hear the TV.
Monkey Outlaw said…
Ah me too I need to sit down and read it all! My grandma was hard of hearing and I would often find it frustrating to communicate with her .. I was younger than and didn't appreciate her enough. Wish I had the chance to shout out at her a few more times!
Shrinky said…

My da was the same. He lived with us in the last year of his life. I'd call him down for tea. He'd wander in to the kitchen eventually (twenty minutes cold) to an, "I didn't hear you shout the first three times.."

Bless, eh? (Little sod..)
LilliGirl said…
WTG Irene...I'm guilty of watching lips to hear some folks so perhaps if the eyes go I will need those glasses to hear. lol
Scintillectual said…
Have you followed the fan page for shitmydadsays on FB? So freakin' funny. Like, pee your pants laughing funny. I think his dad and your mom would make a great couple.

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