A Post With Some Bite (Starring Blondie's Teeth)

With her wonderful charm and wit, Blondie had them all eating out of the palm of her hand.

And to think some folks just actually use a lunch box for lunch. Here, Blondie demonstrates how one can store everything needed for eating in one easy place. Have your dog along for the ride? No problem! Their teeth can be kept in their own separate storage container right next to yours!

Ok, so maybe you shouldn't play with your food but you can play with your teeth! Here Blondie creates a a beautiful piece of art from used body parts. Way to think outside the box Blondie!


Blondie said…
And you thought that you kept everything! Hah! Imagine if I had kept my cyst that I had asked to see! Now that's a photo opp! LOL!

Those big honkers are my wisdom teeth. They are HUGE compared to my baby teeth! Is that because they are full of wisdom?

Great shots CJ. Cute write up too. (People are going to think I'm nuts! If they don't already!!)
Monkey Outlaw said…
LOL, making me wish I had saved some of mine now!
Shrinky said…
Blondie, I'd sack CJ if she were my PR agednt, way she wrote it, I had you figured as a toothless old crone! Glad you stepped in and clarified!
Anonymous said…
I have three of my wisdom teeth in my jewelery box. The tooth fairy took my baby teeth. hmm... what a collection that fairy must have.

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