Driving, Driving, Driving

I'm tired. Mentally and physically tired. And I'm thinking my commute may be getting the best of me.

I drive 68 miles to work each way. On the plus side, it's technically a 35 hour week. So instead of sitting behind a desk for an extra hour a day, I sit in the car. I also get to work one day a week from home. That's a nice perk. Unfortunately the work load requires much more than 35 hours and I find myself working through lunch and staying at least a half hour extra each day.

I'm fairly certain that any other job working with this particular software would require at least a 40 - 45 mile (again each way) commute. And probably a 40 hour/week commitment. That would only save me about a half hour a day compared to what I have now.

And I know I shouldn't be bitching. I have friends who do the long commute as well. I have friends who work locally and are gone more hours a day than I am.

I've had good blogger friends tell me that 68 miles each way is not considered that far when you live in one of the big states. You know, those states that could hold about 100 Massachusetts'. (Just what the heck is the plural of Massachusetts anyway?).

I think I just need a little encouragement. Every person I meet for the first time who asks me what I do is simply amazed at how far I drive. And I'm not sure if it is a Massachusetts thing or I really am nuts.

So how about it? Am I crazy to do this drive every day for a job I like?


Anonymous said…
I think you answered your question with the last 5 words.

I had a 70 miles one way commute for 10 years and the work at home option was offered only on snow days. The commute does wear you down and when I accepted the relocation option my goal was live much closer to work.

Maybe a second work at home day option could be available to you? Don't you find you're more productive at home without the normal interruptions?
small town dyke said…
I can't say much today I drove 110 miles one way to work. I drive about 1200 miles a week. wanna trade??
Mon said…
You already know my answer to this one CJ....hang in there and think about the wonderful place you do work...at least until it's not wonderful anymore. Remember I used to have that commute to get 20 miles into SF.....now...60 miles, not even an eye bat in Montana.
Shrinky said…
January always feels flat and lasts about a year. You are tired, have you got any leave due? Take a break if you can, time out will put a fresh slant on things, maybe just what you need right now, eh?
Solo said…
In motorcycle miles, that's not far at all!
Hang in there girl.
Nulaanne said…
It is a Mass thing. Here people will go to Portland for the day just for fun and that is a 2 hour drive. They live here and work north of Seattle.
Anonymous said…
CJ, You know Scott and I both drive lots of miles to work each day (not quite as far as you though). And we go in different directions so carpooling isn't even an option for us. My comment to people who think we travel too far for work is, "I live where I want to live and I work where I have to."

I must say though, that I try very hard to get out on time each day simply because it does take so long to get home. And my time at home is very percious to me.

Hang in there kid. January is a long month. It will get better when starts getting warmer out and the sun is still up on your ride home!

Ms. Moto
weese said…
my commute is 40 one way.
its not so bad as long as I leave really early. the traffic along the 95 corridor to NY is legendary.
tho i do work at home quite a bit.
Anonymous said…
I drive 35 miles to work one way and that could sometimes take up to an hour. I think your commute is way too far.

LilliGirl said…
You like the job so it is worth it. I go 70 miles round trip, so certainly less but not loving my job at the moment either.
Landlady of Fat said…
I'd drive 100 miles for a job I loved and that let me work from home. LOL

I drive 16 miles one way during a pretty crap rush hour... (so it takes me an hour)...

I hate commuting. I wish my car would drive itself without me so I could read or something. LOL
Ronia Nash said…
I think Shrinky has the right idea .... take a little vacation.
Monkey Outlaw said…
you like the job so I say yeah it's worth it! I often find driving is a time where I can think and listen to music and unwind!
otter said…
when I lived in Wisconsin I drove 105 miles each way for work, but there was no traffic and few stop lights. Now I am on the train 1 1/2 hours each way to work (in NYC) and it's killing me! audio books keep me from killing total strangers.

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