Stop Calling Me!

If I have one more phone message from Areola Brown or Ariel Brown or whatever the heck her name is, I am going to scream. I get it , I get it. Your Dad is Scott Brown and he is running against Martha Coakley and blah, blah, blah, blah.

Oh, and just so you know, you had one organization call for your Dad this morning where the gentleman sounded like he had spent several years huffing paint and/or nail polish remover. I listened to his whole spiel just because I was worried he might pass out and hit his head on the desk.

The woman that called this weekend had a very pretty southern accent. And although I found the sexy drawl intriguing, when I asked her Brown's position on gay marriage there was complete silence on the other end of the phone. Guess she wasn't from around these parts.

You would have to be ill, infirm, and living under a rock not to know we have a big election tomorrow here in Massachusetts. My 84 year old Mother even knows - and she tries to cut loaves of bread with the non-serrated edge of the knife. So please stop calling me. Because if I was dumb enough to base my decision on your phone call, I certainly wouldn't be smart enough to know how get to the polls or pull the lever.


Ronia Nash said…
Even I know about the election and I'm way up here in Canada! eh?
I love bringing people to silence like that!!! :-)

Gives me that happy feeling inside!!

Is that bad??
Anonymous said…
Even after it's done they still keep calling. Now it's "Who did you vote for and why?"

Leave me alone already!!!
i have to admit that i'm disappointed in your election!!!
Monkey Outlaw said…
OMG I hate these calls ... when they come to my cell it sends me over the edge!
Shrinky said…
Hey, even I'm sick of it, and I'm on a tiny little rock in the Irish Sea!! Well no, erm, he hasn't phoned me, I don't mean that - but I emailed Chewy before she even woke to tell her who had won in her state. It was all the news could talk about, and all I tuned in for was to find out if the black ice was still in my drive.

Okay. I'm ranting.. (creeps away, hands in pockets).
Anonymous said…
Did you get the call from Obama?
Scintillectual said…
Well, the election is done and over with and I'm just getting around to catching up on your blog. I cried at Brown's win but your post has me completely cracking up. Thanks for that, at least! :)

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