Whach Gonna Do When They Come For You?

Ok, I admit to stealing this from Blondie's FaceBook page, but I thought it could be interesting.

ANSWER THIS: If you and I woke up in jail together.....using only four words.....What would you say to me?

This is what I would say to you:

1. More beer, bad idea.
2. Is that YOUR hand?
3. What's that wet spot?
4. Calling in sick today.
5. That bitch is big.
6. Toilet with no door?
7. Where is my shoe?
8. Orange is my color.
9. No drugs up there.
10. I want Detective Benson.


Blondie said…
Don't leave me here!
Mon said…
You don't get Detective Benson, she's MINE...Mine do you hear????
Anonymous said…
"I told you so!"
Anonymous said…
"I drive next week"
Anonymous said…
"Call Blondie for bail"
Anonymous said…
"Blondie didn't get caught?"
Blondie said…
where are my pants?
Blondie said…
did you call Chewy?
Blondie said…
Let's do it again!!!
Shrinky said…
Shoulda' listened to Chewy.

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