Embarrassing Work Moment # 95

This is a picture of my hand resting on my desk at work. The time - approximately 2:30 pm. I wonder just how long has that dryer sheet been sticking out of the end of my sweater?


Anonymous said…
LOL. I usually had them showing at the cuff of my slacks. It happened enough times for me to finally switch from dryer sheets to the liquid stuff.
Monkey Outlaw said…
LMAO wonder how many thought it was a snot rag!
Solo said…
Not as bad as TP hangin'!
lesbo said…
ha! we've all had a dryer sheet experience at some point.
that positioning makes it look like a tissue for your drippy nose.
small town dyke said…
I got to work one day and had an extra pair of stockings hanging on with me!
Lol!!!! LOVE THIS!!!! Can't say that I've had this happen to me quite yet... but apparently my babe has had one hanging out of her pants...

Unknown said…
I thought maybe you just kept a kleenex in your shirtsleeve like my mom did when she had no pockets!

Shrinky said…
You should worry, it's when your knickers from the day before peeks out the back lower leg of your trousers(allegedly), and you only find out when you are stipping for bed.
Shrinky said…
Um, that was meant to say stripping. I don't know what stipping is, but it sounds nasty, so I don't do it.
CJ said…
At least it wasn't toilet paper on the bottom of your shoe. Or a zipper that was down...THAT happens to me ALL THE DAMN TIME!
Lol at all the drippy nose comments. For a quick second, that's what I thought it was. Then I said to myself, "Oh no, I've become my mother."

Jude - they have liquid stuff? That might be better for me!

Monkey, I'm hoping not too many. Oh, I'm really hoping.

Definitely Solo! That will be my next trick.

Glad to hear I'm not the only one Lesbo. Hoping I don't do that again soon.

Ha! That's funny Small Town. Well, I guess a spare is good to have.

Hey What Plans! I haven't had this mishap with the pants yet but I don't doubt that will happen.

Not quite yet Ellie, but I'm getting to that point.

LOL Shrinky. Stipping does sound kind of kinky doesn't it. Please tell me you didn't have that experience with the knickers personally...

Hey CJ! I'm not sure what is worse - the zipper or the tp!
Girl Fires said…
that made my day!
Anonymous said…
Ha! That's a good one.

It reminds me of the time I was sitting in my boss's office, wearing a pant suit.

I had one leg crossed on top of the other and while sitting there chatting, I noticed something sticking out from under the cuff of my pant leg.

I started a gentle tug and found that I was in middle of no return and had to proceed to pull out a full pair of panyhose stuffed up my leg. It felt like a two-bit magic act. How the hell could I have not felt that before!?

We both had a good laugh.

Sherrill, Montreal
Landlady of Fat said…

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