Weekend In Provincetown Day 1

I'm sitting here in a condo in Provincetown, feeling like I am in a bit of a food coma from a huge bowl of Lobster mac & cheese, and watching America's Next Top Model.

It was cloudy and a bit rainy here today, but who cares? I'm in Ptown, and I don't have to go back to work until Tuesday.

Ok, Tyra just told someone she was a little too old to model because she is 25 and another she was a little too short because she is only 5'9". So I guess that makes me an elderly dwarf.

Have a great weekend all. More pics tomorrow.


LilliGirl said…
Mmmmm It all looks so yummy!
Solo said…
CJ, I can hardly wait to see Ptown now!!!! Thanks so much for the photos. I know you must be having a great time.
Anonymous said…
I am seriously jealous! Where was the lobster mac n cheese from?
Anonymous said…
What a great time of year to go to P-Town.
Hey Lili - It was really, really good. There was so much lobster in there it was crazy.

Hi Solo! Yes, you must come here! How about this weekend? LOL. It's cloudy again today but I hope to get some more pictures up tonight.

Hey Pixie - The mac n cheese was from the Crown and Anchor. I love the big heated porch they have their. Great for eating and people watching.

Chewy - I think you should hop in your jeep today and come out to Ptown to play!
Landlady of Fat said…
Oh how I miss P-Town! I'm hoping for a few trips this year! :)
Mon said…
Holy shit that lobster mac and cheese looks like it's to die for. Hope you are having a blast, and be jealous of me, the one with snow still in my yard!
Allison said…
America's Next Top Model is addicting. I guess I'm an elderly dwarf, too.

lynt said…
awe... if you post a picture of the sea i'll have to be on the next plane. we were planning a trip in june, but common sense prevailed. damn. the mac and cheese might be enough to change r's mind on that.
weese said…
ahhh my first Ptown fix of the season.
we really hope to get there this year.
its been entirely too long.

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