30 Second Update

  • I bought an iPhone last weekend and it totally rocks.
  • Work is very busy as I am trying to meet a Monday deadline to upgrade code on several programs and I think I may lose my mind doing it.
  • My 84 year old mother took a header in her hallway this week, putting a gash in her head that required a trip to the hospital and stitches.
  • The pool company opened the Wet Spot this week, which after a good vacuuming and some more chemicals, will be ready summer fun to start.
  • I'm not so sure my shirt matches my pants today.


Anonymous said…
Hope your Mom is doing ok. I'm always worried about my 89 yo Dad falling over one of the dog's toys.

LOL over the shirt/pant combo, consider yourself swanky today.
lesbo said…
Matching shirts and pants are totally overrated.
Work it, baby! ;)
Janet said…
Well with your cool iPhone (I am very jealous) you can take a photo of your outfit and we'll decide if it matches.

Hope your mom is feeling better.
Blondie said…
I particularly liked the Heading you put this post under.... Let's Have a Quickie....

Great update! :)
Anonymous said…
1. I'm jealous of your iPhone.
2. I wish my work was as busy.
3. Tell Mom to stop doing cartwheels inside the house.
4. I need my whistle wetted.
5. Today, nothing I'm wearing matches. Don't sweat the small stuff.
I'm sorry about your mom. It's difficult for her and you when that happens! And good luck on your deadline this weekend...are you still liking your new job?

post a pic of your outfit, let us vote to see if we think it matches or not!

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