Post Something, Anything.....

I couldn't stand to look at the picture of myself any longer so I needed to post something, anything, even though my brain was tired. So here it is, a photo from 2004 when I was in Maui. 

We were informed by the captain just as we set sail that the seas were fairly rough that evening and that we would could possibly prevent having to use the motion discomfort receptacles if we popped a ginger pill or two that they were offering up at the bar area. Why he didn't mention that before we set sail is still a mystery to me. 


Solo said…
Aw, com'on...I'd rather look at a pic of you, than some boat!! Sure hope you're feeling better by now and the foot isn't causing you too much grief.
Thanks for the 'Heather vote'!
Thanks Solo - that is very sweet of you! I am getting by ok with the foot.

You are very welcome about the vote. I thought her video was just great.
Blondie said…
Maui... sniff, sniff.... oh how I miss you. :'(

That was quite the boat ride! Folks either lost their lunch over the side of the boat or it went flying off of their tray. Luckily for us we made the right decision NOT to eat on that excursion!

Great pic, CJ. It brings back a lot of memories.

When are we going back?
Anonymous said…
Maui Wowie!
Still hopping around?
"Hi" to nurse Blondie.
M said…
Hi CJ,
I've been out of the loop as of late but just wanted to stop by your blog and say hello. Hope your foot is feeling ok.
I am planning on posting something to both of my own blogs soon. Hope you'll stop by.
Take care,
Hi Chewy - Still hopping a bit but getting better thank you. Maui was wowie! Almost as nice Ludlow :)

Hey Amy! Thank you for the nice comment. And I have a sneaking suspicion you could probably do at least 15, which is 15 more than I could do.

Hi Mav! Thank you for stopping by and for the well wishes! I'll be popping by your spot tonight to check in.

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