Saturday Morning Motorcycle Mishap

There were four of us riding in a group this morning, heading through Springfield on our way to Agawam, Mass. Mrs. Moto, the most experienced rider, was leading. A woman I had just met today, K, was second, I was third, and Blondie was the tail gunner.  

Just after Mrs. Moto headed across a busy intersection, the light turned yellow. We were on a stretch of road that was loaded with "road snakes", those twisty,slippery asphalt patches. K hit the brakes to stop for the light and found herself in a nice skid. All I could think of was "Oh shit" as I saw her and her bike hit the ground directly in front of me. I move slightly to avoid running into her as I hit the brakes. It was then I saw Blondie on my left side suddenly slide a bit, hit the curb, and fall onto the island in the middle, her 500 pound bike landing on top of her knee. The "Oh Shit" was audible at this point.

Mrs Moto pulled over from her spot down the road and ran toward us. A woman, who happened to be a nurse, came running from across the street. Two folks passing by, called the police and helped me right the two bikes. Three cruisers, two motorcycle police officers, and an ambulance arrived within minutes.

The EMTs evaluated Blondie and K, who both decided that they did not want to go to the hospital. K's thumb was pretty swollen and Blondie had nice bruise on her knee. In addition, the EMTs had to cut her jeans to get a look at the damage. I would have opted for just pulling my pants down, but I'm cheap like that.

Mrs. Moto summoned her husband and son to the scene. Mr. Moto rode Blondie's bike back for her. Then he hopped on K's bike and rode it to her house. 

Thank you to all the really nice people who helped us out today. The police and EMTs, the woman who ran over to help, the two people who called the police, helped me get the bikes up, and brought us water, and Mr. Moto and Ben for coming out to help us get back home. And thanks to our guardian angels who made sure everyone was able to walk away.


Anonymous said…
Dang and relief. Glad you are all okay.
Hey! My street is about 8 blocks ahead on the right side of Sumner Ave.
Solo said…
Whoa CJ. So grateful everyone is relatively unharmed!!! Tell the other ladies that we said a prayer of thanks for them, too.
Anonymous said…
Glad no one was badly hurt. And yeah, EMT's love to cut up pants. I always tried to cut on the seam so they could be repaired.

There's no way I'm letting the Wife read this though....we just came back from looking at bikes.

Again....thank your guardian angels that no one was hurt.
Janet said…
So glad no one was hurt. Thank goodness.
Mon said…
OMG...thank goodness they were able to get up and walk away! How is Blondie doing? I hope she and K are resting comfortably and taking it easy!
lesbo said…
whoa, ceej! Glad everyone is all ok! Scary scary!
ugh. what a blessing no one was seriously hurt. scared the bajeebas out of you?
lynt said…
Glad you're all okay! Don't know who took the photos, but I would never have had the presence of mind to do that. Something to be said for calm and collected.
LilliGirl said…
Glad you are all ok! How long til your next ride? There's somethign to be said for getting back in the saddle
Anonymous said…
Hi cj,
Checking in.
I hope Blondie and K are all right. I drove down that section today. Besides the tar snakes there are pot holes and sunken sewer covers.
Hey thanks Chewy. Yes, Blondie is feeling much better. Not so sure about K - I think she probably is still a bit sore. Wow, had I known you were so close, I would have brought you over some donuts from Gus & Pauls!

Thank you Solo. I appreciate that. Just glad it was chilly and we were all wearing motorcycle jackets.

Hey Amy - thank you. I had forgotten to wear my motorcycle angel that day. Looks like someone stepped in anyway.

Hello Jude! The EMT did tape the pants back up but that is about as good as it is going to get I think. No, I wouldn't advise you let the Wife know. This was really just a fluke. No cars were involved. Thanks for the nice words.

Thanks Janet. Yeah, it was kind of scary there for a few seconds. I'm ready to go out again - but I may not take the same route.

Thank you OC. I think they are going to be fine. I'm really surprised no one broke anything. Thank goodness for padded jackets!

Thanks Lesbo. Yeah, that was definitely one to make you say "Oh shit".

Thank you Ms. Creek. The scariest part was seeing two people lose control of the bike. You could tell they were going down before it actually happened.

Hey Lyn - thank you very much. I had my camera hitched onto my belt loop and took a couple of pics when I knew there were ok.

Thank you Lili. The motorcycle police officer kept saying they had to get back on soon. I'm ready for my next ride.
Anonymous said…
We r so glad you are ok Belle! :)H&B
Anonymous said…
I'm happy to hear that Belle is feeling better. From what I understand, K will probably need surgery to fix her broken thumb. She has not been spooked off the bike and will return to riding as soon as her thumb heals.

Someone was watching over us that morning!! It could have been a lot worse.

Keep the shiny side up Ladies!! ~Mrs. Moto

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