I See London, I See France, Looks Like CJ Wet Her Pants

I carry a back-pack to work. I guess you could call it my lesbian purse. Inside the back-pack are notebooks in which I track my work, my planner, and miscellaneous items like my water bottle. 

As I approached my building today, I could feel the back of my pants were wet. Apparently the little do-hickey thingy (technical term) for my water bottle popped off without me noticing. The bottle had leaked in the back-pack and onto my backside, wetting all my notebooks and my pants.

So glad I wore khakis today. I hid in my office, wearing my fleece jacket, until I felt the spot had dried and it was safe to come out.  

Earlier this week, I finished my yogurt before I realized the spoon I was using was one I pulled out of the waste basket so it could be recycled. And you all know about the poop on my pillow.

Tomorrow I'm thinking of walking around campus with a booger hanging out my nose. Or maybe with my fly down. Or perhaps I could just fart loudly at a team meeting.  Stay tuned for my next trick.


Anonymous said…
Get this week over, just for you. Good luck tomorrow.
i think they are all freudian slips oozing from your subconscious mind... lol
LilliGirl said…
Good Lord, you need a reprieve!
lesbo said…
Ouch. Not the best week, eh?
I love that you called your backpack a "lesbian purse" LOL a friend of mine carries one and that's what I call it, too.
Anonymous said…
I'm so glad I can laugh with you... although... if I was present... I would probably laugh AT you! - Thanks for bringing back the cj humor that I so love.

ps thanks for all the sweet comments you recently left on my blog.
Solo said…
Oh, CJ Honey, you definitely win the prize for biggest belly laff of the day!!!
Thanks. I needed that!

....STILL laffing!
Anonymous said…
OMG, I have tears in my eyes! Hilarious.

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