Weekend in Provincetown Day 2

Day 2 was spent shopping, eating, and snapping pictures. The weather was still a little rainy and cloudy , but it cleared up by the end of the day.

I'm getting ready to go out and play some more today!


Solo said…
CJ, are you a Photog by trade? If not, you should really consider changing professions! Absolutely gorgeous pix. Thank you for sharing!!!!
Anonymous said…
Haven't been there in years, since they redid the Dusty Miller Inn into a high priced place. Does the Boatslip still have it's tea dance every afternoon?
LilliGirl said…
Awesome photos! I really mean it and second solo's comments! I want to be that good too.
Anonymous said…
I have to agree, you really do have an eye for photography. Lovely pics, makes me want to pick up and go...once the sun is back out.
Thank you Solo! No, honestly it is the camera and not me. I can't wait for you to experience Ptown and let me know your thoughts.

Hi Anonymous - Thank you for stopping by. I know the place you are talking about that replaced the Dusty Miller - it is one of the more high priced places to stay here. And yes, the tea dances are still happening. I was told the first one of the season was this past Saturday.

Hi LilliGirl! Thank you for the nice comment. I guess this new camera was a good investment - it does all the work!

Hi Pixie! Thank you too for the nice comment. How far a ride is it for you ladies? It's about 3 hours from western Mass - which it was closer!
Anonymous said…
Super Shots!
I should print out your photos and do a scavenger hunt for the spots when I go there. (wink)

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