The youngest Yorkie had a case of the trots yesterday. When I saw her on the floor last night by the side of the bed,  I figured she had heard a noise and jumped down. When I got up this morning however, I realized a toilet 911 had transpired, the remains of which were on my off-white carpet (which was really off off-white at this point in time).

As if that wasn't bad enough, apparently ol' pudding pants had attempted to make her way under the blankets, scootching head first, her butt against my pillow for a little leverage. I didn't find out until today about the graffiti she left behind on my pillow case.

Thinking back, I vaguely remember asking myself if something smelled a little stinky last night. But I just chalked it up to a little Yorkie gas and went back to sleep. 

Oh shit.


Anonymous said…
eewwww, skid marks on your pillow case. hope things have gotten better by now.
Allison said…
Ick, I've had the little one vomit. Am I the only grown woman who has a waterproof mattress pad on her bed? For the dog, just in case.
LilliGirl said…
I would have just about died...And the dog would be evicted (from the bed) for awhile.
lesbo said…
Oh em gee!
On your pillow?!!?!?
You're a good mama to put up with that... LOL
Ugh...back in my mom's growing up days, she would have discretely told you that your cute little doggie had the thin dirties!
Anonymous said…
Okay...next time we dog-sit...they are defintely sleeping NOT with us! H&B
Anonymous said…
I shouldn't laugh... but I am, a lot!

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