Provincetown Day 3

This is the deck which is off the condo. I don't own this place but I wish I did. The units are in two buildings - one building has units that are owned by individuals, the other has units that are rented as part of an inn.  The Pilgrim Monument can be seen in the background.

This is Arnold the Poodle who hangs out in one of the speciality animal shops on Commercial Street. Adorable and friendly dog. 

Lunch today was at the Post Office Cafe. 

And then of course there was dinner. Another order of lobster mac & cheese but this time shared with a order of hanger steak. I think I have gained 5 pounds over the weekend.


Anonymous said…
11 of us (all family) are renting a house on the oceanside in Orleans this July. I'm sure we'll be heading up to P-Town.
Janet said…
I hope you are having a wonderful time -- it looks like fun.
Allison said…
I haven't been there for years and years, though my parents hit the Halloween parties every few years or so. Must get out there one of these days.

lesbo said…
How beautiful! And delicious! Glad you're enjoying yourself!
Solo said…
I came back to view the pix again. You've done a helluva job in taking them.


(Like your new photo, too!)

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