Did You Have A Nice Trip?

Turns out, it didn't take long at all for my next trick. I decided the fastest way down the stairs would be to skip several of them, going from the landing to the bottom, with a Yorkie under each arm, in just under 2 seconds. Then of course the smart thing to do is to go to work.

Four hours later, walking became increasingly more painful and difficult. I left work early, came home, and went to the ER. The NP who treated me informed me the good news was it isn't broken and the bad news was it isn't broken. Hopefully it is just a bad sprain and I didn't damage any ligaments or tendons. 

They were just about to discharge me with a pair of new crutches and a script for 600 mg ibuprofen when my brain decided that dry heaving, turning ghost white, and getting clammy while still on the stretcher in the hallway would get me some better scripts.  And it worked. After a shot of toradol in the bum and a script for percocet, I started to feel much better and was given the ok to leave.

I have to give a big thank you to Blondie for taking me to the ER and being so patient with me, the incredible klutz. 

I hope everyone enjoys the holiday weekend and stays safe. 


Solo said…
Holy crap, CJ!!! I'm sooo sorry! Geez, I hope you're gonna be okay. Ya need that foot to change gears! Of course, with the good drugs you got, you don't really care right now.
Good wishes to you, Shug!
lesbo said…
Hope you heal up quickly.
Janet said…
Ouch ...damn dogs. I took a really hard fall hanging onto two dogs once. Dogs were fine, me not so much.

Wishing you a quick recovery!
Anonymous said…
So glad nothing is broken. Hope you mend quickly. Are the pooches okay?
lynt said…
stay safe. crutches can be dangerous! but percocet rocks.

and, my mom tripped over a dog and broke her hip... count yourself lucky.
LilliGirl said…
I'm with lynt. Hopefully you get e light peaceful weekend. lol

Do you have to go back or just wait and see if its a spain?
Anonymous said…
Yeee-ouch! See you next fall.
Missing a step and tumbling down the stairs... I've done that. - Hope the healing goes quick.
Unknown said…
Were we seperated at birth? I am known for being able to find the only hole in a hard, the lose part in the carpet, and invisible obstacle where ever I go! Yesterday found a low spot in the yard and down I went. You should have called...I have extra crutches!
Anonymous said…
Oh geez! Feel better soon!
good grief, cj! that really sucks! sprains are to painful and long lasting and easy to re-injure...hope you mend fast!
Thank you all. I am feeling better and not using the crutches any longer but still limping a bit. I appreciate all the nice comments. You blogsters are the best!
John Gascot said…
Feel better soon!

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