Fun At Fenway

This is a Monster Dog. I didn't finish this because I had to save room for some Cracker Jacks and beer.  The cost to eat at Fenway - Monster Dog $6.50, Miller Lite $7.50, Cracker Jacks $4.00, Peanuts $4.00, Bottle Water $3.50 (should have stuck with the beer).

Fenway Park opened on April 20, 1912 and I don't think much has changed except maybe this sign. The seats are tight, the concession area looks like an old subway station, and am I told there is a trough in the men's room. Can you imagine a trough in the women's room? How funny would that be? All those ladies with weak quads would fall right in. 

The view from where I was sitting.  The second time - after I realized we were in the wrong seats for the first three innings. Hey - those row markers on the steps are pretty faded.

Big Papi! That streak is the ball approaching the plate. 

Wally The Green Monster. Not to be confused with the Monster Dog. I wouldn't eat Wally.


Allison said…
I remember when Fenway beer was *only* $6.
Anonymous said…
I spent so much time there as a teen and a young 20-something. Back then we were most bleecher creatures, and it was when the bleechers were the more wild place to be. I keep telling Fran that I want to take her to a game. It's just one of those "have to do once in a lifetime" things.
Mon said…
Two thing:

Thing one: its surprising to me how much all ball parks look alike from the inside.

Thing two: That hotdog, my friend, is obscene. Holy Shit that is one big dog....but what on earth are you doing putting ketchup on a hotdog?? It has no earthly place on a hotdog. A proper hotdog must have some sort of dark brown mustard and lots of chopped onions.
Anonymous said…
Hell, that dog looks like it would bite back.
lynt said…
now that is a hot dog.
dykewife said…
that hot dog is disturbing! how can you nosh on something like that and not end up with mustard up your nose?
Anonymous said…
You sure that's a hot dog...holly smokes! And the beer still costs more than the dog, just doesnt seem right. Still, nothing beats going to the stadium.
uck, i couldn't do the monster dog. i'll take the cracker jacks and some water, tho!

looks like a REALLY cool and fun place. I've never been to a professional game any more tickets? Which seat? lol
John Gascot said…
I don't do sports that don't involve hair and makeup, but I'd totally go there for one of those Monster dogs.

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