Gym Fashion

I warned her. I told my work buddy that I would join the gym with her and that we would go together every day. I also told her that I'm no gym diva, that my outfits would probably not match, and that my favorite workout bottoms are my bright orange baggy Ptown shorts.

They have dual purpose. They are comfy and they make me easy to find if I go flying off the treadmill.

I used to belong to an all women's gym (of course you did CJ). This new gym is co-ed. Do men sweat a lot or what? I've seen men sweat so much that it actually flies off them and hits not only their machine, but the machine next to them too. Yuck.

And the men's locker room has a funky smell. I know this because I almost walked right into it. Luckily another female yelled "Hey, that's the men's locker room" with such intensity you would have thought I was stepping in front of the path of a moving train. It wasn't my fault. There are only two doors leading from the weight room - one goes to the stairs and one goes to the men's locker room. Obviously they are poorly marked. I won't make that mistake again.

I took this picture with a self-timer. It's a little blurry but that's a good thing. Wouldn't want to blind any of you with this outfit.


Cristina said…
This is a vawwwy scawwwy thing CJ.
Sorry Cristina. I hope your eyes recover for the weekend. Perhaps I should break down and buy some new gym apparel?

Everybody out of the pool!
Anonymous said…
send me one dozen of those Pazjki things (however you spell it)..or I will send everyone I know to your sight to see those shorts....:):):)
Robert - LOL. Oh man, I knew I shouldn't have posted that picture. Paczkis (now I don't know who to spell the darn things)are only on sale to Feb 5th. Where are you - in Candada? Will they survive the trip?
Anonymous said…
Hillary will be at Springfield College today.
Cristina said…
That's okay, I'll forgive you this sight. I promise to never post a picture of myself in my bike shorts - now that is beyond VEWWWY SCAWWWY.
Hi Chewy - I heard about Hillary this morning. My sister and my neice both work at the college and went to hear her speak. They said she was great.

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