Something More Appealing

This photo was taken at The Grand Wailea Resort Hotel. I had to replace the image of those gym shorts in the previous post with something more appealing. I think it's a great piece of work (seriously, I really like this) . It also is a good reminder to not eat any more Paczkis.


Stealth said…
I'd rather look at the gym shorts...
Anonymous said…
A sculpture by Fernando Botero. He has a "thing" for painting and sculpting fat people.
Hi Stealth - You're a brave lady.
Hey, thanks Chewy. Very cool. I saw this sculpture in a hotel lobby in Hawaii. It was very impressive. I really liked it. Glad to know who the artist is.
Anonymous said…
Butt Crack - (tee-hee)
Gives new meaning to the song "Baby's Got Back".
For a minute, i thought someone was taking pictures of me in the bath.
Thanks for stopping by Hahn!

This sculpture makes me want to stay away from the chips and dip and Super Bowl Sunday. But I won't.

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